$5000 Watch versus Karibu Travel Watch

Even with all the savvy travel gear that we carry around the world, nothing tends to serve a traveller more than a simple, trusty travel watch. This is why the decision of which one to get is so difficult. Not only does it have to stand up to what you throw its way, it also has to be stylish so that it is suitable for the finer parts of life. 

With this being said, you don’t have to break your bank to find a travel watch that suits your needs, it is all about doing the research and finding a watch that is affordable without compromising on quality or performance.

To help you start making that all important decision, here’s a quick look into how Karibu Watches fair in the current Watch world. Taking a look at its features and how they compare with watches over 20 times the price, the product really does speak for itself.



 Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 17

Omega Rail Master

Karibu Original






Polished Steel


316L Stainless Steel


Saphire Crystal Glass

Saphire Crystal Glass

Saphire Crystal Glass

Water Resistance





Perforated Leather

Coated Nylon



2 years

2 years

2 years



In our watch comparison, we have three promising candidates:


  • The Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 which costs a whopping £4,350
  • The Omega Rail Master which will set you back £3,600
  • And the Karibu Original which costs only £195


A comparison of features

The Bezel

All watches have bezels, the top ring that surrounds the face, where the purpose of the ring is to hold the watch face in place and protect it from damage. This requires a high-quality and durable material. Comparing the bezels between our travel watches, we found that they were all made of steel with the Tag offering a polished steel, the Omega sporting a steel case and the Karibu boasting a 316L stainless steel bezel.

The winner?  Karibu  

316L stainless steel contains compounds used to help resist corrosion  from  sea water, perfect for a travelling watch!

The Face

Protecting the watch dial and reducing glare, the transparent crystal cover can be made of glass, plastic or synthetic sapphire. Although glass is still used by many watch manufacturers, sapphire is being used more and more as it is of a much higher quality and better protects the watch against the elements. As we are comparing travel watches, we were happy to find that all three crystals were made of sapphire.

The winner?  Draw

All watches have sapphire crystal glass. 

The Water Resistance

Every travel watch needs to be prepared for water adventures, therefore the watch needs to have quality seals that are intact and a case, crystal, crown and back that are all properly sealed. When comparing watches, it was found that both the Tag and Karibu watch offered a 10 ATM water resistance while the Omega offered 15 ATM.

The winner?  Omega

The Karibu, capable of doing all standard water based sports such as swimming, skin snorkelling, surfing and still lets you dive to 100m, whilst the Omeage does allow you to get to an extra 50m depth.

The Straps

 Holding the watch to your wrist, the straps of a watch must also be of a high-quality to keep your trusty companion with you at all times. Upon looking at the straps of our watch contenders, we found that the Tag is made of perforated leather, the Omega has a bracelet of coated nylon and the Karibu strap is made of silicone.

The winner?  Karibu

Silicone offers a more comfortable feel, water resistance and better hygiene overall than the other travel watch straps. The silicone strap also allows for dirt and sand to wash off very easily.

The Bonus Features

Looking at other features that these travel watches offer, we found that all three offer 2 years warranty, both the Tag and Omega are automatic watches (they have a chronometer) and the Tag has anti-magnetic properties. The Karibu Watch was the only one that boasts a dual time feature, luminous hands and a Swiss Ronda Movement mechanism.

The winner? Karibu

As a travel watch, the Karibu offers features that will prepare you for any adventure.

The Overall Winner: Karibu

In terms of both price and features, the Karibu ticks all the right boxes for being the ultimate travel watch that can withstand any adventure. Made up of the highest quality materials, this watch doesn’t compromise on quality anywhere, which is why it holds up to the performance of travel watches that are 20 times the price.

That’s what makes Karibu #TheTravelWatch

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