North Wales' Surf Snowdonia (Adventure Parc) Review

Surf Snowdonia boasts the world’s first artificial wave for surfing. This groundbreaking idea has helped drive tourists to north Wales and bring a younger crowd to the beautiful scenic routes that Snowdonia National Park has to offer. I’d met a few local surfers who had given mixed reviews on the place, so decided to check it out for myself.


I want to keep this article short, with the initial idea to give the vital information to get the best out of your experience at Surf Snowdonia. I want to provide you with enough information to get your money’s worth and really enjoy your time like I did.

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The experience for me started once I phoned the receptionist to book my session. The woman on the other side of the phone gave me a positive impression that I was going to be experiencing a one of a kind adventure, and it got me excited. So excited in fact I booked on for an afternoon session and instantly hit the road.


Once I had arrived an hour later, I was very impressed. It was like nothing I had ever seen before! I parked up with plenty of free parking available. Once I entered the doors I could sense a buzz about the place from the staff and visitors. It was welcoming, exciting and fun and felt like a community. There was no arrogance or intimidating attitudes. Which, as a complete beginner I was glad to see! After all, we all have to learn somewhere.

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I headed over to get my wetsuit size fitted and then once I got changed headed over to a large room to collect my board and watch a short safety video. I was grouped into a beginner’s class with people who were as excited and eager as I was to get on the water. The instructor was welcoming and open to any questions about the experience. My one and only question was if I could keep on my Karibu Watch of course. The instructor recommended I take off any jewellery incase it gets lost in the water or damaged. However, I ensured the guy it was 10atm water resistant and designed for adventures like this.


Once everybody was assigned boards we headed out towards the banks at the side of the water. During this time the surf academy instructor took us through some basic techniques and we practiced ‘popping’ up on the board as if we had caught a wave. This may have seemed a bit boring at the time, but I had some basic knowledge now to maximise my experience on the water. After a short training session on land we headed in to the shallower part to test the waves. As a beginner I was a bit nervous to get on the water. However, I really got a sense that these were the safest conditions out there to practice surfing and the Surf Academy instructors were extremely professional and clearly loved surfing.

North Wales Surf Snowdonia Review Craig Jones

Local lad Craig takes on the wave.


After the session I was gutted I had to leave. I was enjoying my time too much. Even if I didn’t manage to get on my feet! I will definitely be returning again to practice. The wave is constant, the instructors are professional and the Surf Boards are soft foam! Absolutely perfect conditions for any surf beginners. On another positive note, my Karibu Watch worked a charm and stayed on my wrist the whole time and the 10 atm water resistance proving vital for the surf conditions.


Verdict: 10/10 I would recommend anybody visit north Wales and take this experience.


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