Our Top 5 European Getaways

Europe is an adventure paradise; a continent that charms backpackers and holiday makers alike year after year. With its huge diversity of natural landscapes, it’s no surprise that there are so many adventures to be had in one continent. In fact, Europe is full of some of the best beach escapes, adrenaline sports, a crazy variety of ancient history and has some of the best nightlife in the world - so yeah, it’s pretty sweet all round!


We’ve had a lot of epic adventures in Europe, but if we had to narrow it down, here are our top 5 European getaways! Enjoy!


Barcelona, Spain


Spain has to make our top 5 European getaways list, and when we think of Spain we think of Barcelona! Full of distinctive architecture, delicious food, a lively nightlife and a unique blend of Catalan culture, Barcelona is an incredible city that you simply can’t go through life without seeing. Whether there for a quick city break or an extended trip, make sure you stroll through the distinctive quarters such as the stunning Gothic Quarter, admire the architectural works of Gaudi and meet some locals in a bar over a glass of vermouth!


Why we love it: Did we mention the delicious food?! You could eat your way through the city sampling tapas and sangria in every bar and it’s super cheap too!


Oslo, Norway


Although Oslo might not rank on the same scale as London, Paris and New York, the fact that it is an undiscovered gem and has its own charm, is why it’s one of our top European getaways. Full of dense forests, rolling hills, and glistening lakes, Oslo is a city for the outdoor enthusiasts! Do you like hiking, cycling or skiing? Or are adrenaline activities more your thing such as dog sledding? Whatever your preference, you can get your fix in Oslo and finish off the day in a cosy restaurant or great local bar.


Why we love it: We love a place that offers plenty of opportunities for adventure and Oslo does that and then some!


Paris, France


It may be one of the most expensive European getaways but it is worth every penny (or cent)! Why we hear you ask? Well, for starters, the attractions are iconic from The Eiffel Tower to The Louvre and the streets are full of high-class restaurants, stylish boutiques, and grand boulevards. Then, of course, you have the gourmet food! You can literally eat your weight in cheese here (if you could afford it), and then you have the exquisite seafood, fine wine and whatever they do to their beef which makes it so amazing!


Why we love it: Paris is the ultimate city break destination! We love it because it has it all - sights and culture, amazing food and a crazy night scene.


Prague, Czech Republic


What’s not to love about Prague? Equal to Paris in terms of beauty, Prague is a city with extensive history, stunning scenery and the best beer in Europe. Yep, you heard us! The Czechs have mastered the art of brewing and it is something you just have to experience for yourself. With pubs being quite high up on things to do in Prague, it also makes our top European getaways list as it is a city that is meant to be explored! Spend your days wandering down the maze of cobbled lanes and discover hidden courtyards, you might just find a stunning synagogue or late-night cellar bar that you’ll want to return to later!


Why we love it: Hello! The BEST beer in Europe! Need we say more?


London, UK


Okay, so we may be biased, but London makes the majority of best European getaways or cities lists so it deserves a spot on ours! With so much to see and do in London, from major sights like Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London to National Museums and city tours, it is very easy to be overwhelmed. However, fret not! One of the best things about London is that it lets you explore it how you like. Feeling lazy? Take the super efficient tube to each sight. Feeling adventurous? Take a cycling tour of the city or try something different like a secret food tour or Jack the Ripper experience.


Why we love it: No matter how many times we go to London, we always discover something new and we are always in awe of the energy and diversity that fills the city!



So, what are you waiting for? These top European getaways are filled to the brim with adventures just waiting to be had, so explore at your pace. Happy travels!

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