The Karibu Community

The Karibu Community: What it’s All About and Why You Need to Get Involved!


If you’ve been following the Karibu story, by now you should know that they have a passion for travel! So much so, that the next step is to share that with you and to get you to share your passion with others - think of it as a ‘travel bug’ being passed around, only to increase wanderlust all over the globe. 

So, how are they going to do it?

Our Aim

The Karibu Founders are aiming to create a community of people that share their zest for travel; a place where you can go to get your travel fix, whether just for a bit of travel inspiration or for first-hand advice and support to help you on your next adventure. From sharing travel photos and your favourite destinations to recommending things to do, sights to see and the do’s and don’ts of certain countries, the Karibu community will be the place you turn to for your travel-related ventures.

Why Join the Karibu Community?

Created with the mission of inspiring people to travel, the Karibu Community is a place where holiday goers, travellers and adventurers alike come together to communicate, inspire, help and support each other.


Why join in? Here are just a few of the main reasons why…


  1. To get your daily dose of wanderlust

We all have dreams and aspirations, and when it comes to travel, the list of places we want to go, sights we want to see and things we want to do is a long one. Unfortunately, for many of us, we can’t just up and leave for our next holiday or adventure, so this means that we are often left waiting in anticipation until it’s our turn to explore.

As part of the Karibu Community, you can satisfy this craving to get away by taking inspiration from the pictures and stories of your fellow travellers. Although not the real thing, you can be sure that it’s enough to scratch that itch.

To discover new and exciting places to travel to

Whether you’re choosing your next holiday destination or you are an avid traveller looking for the best places to go in each country, making this decision can be difficult! Naturally, we tend to look for inspiration to help us make it.


This is exactly what Karibu aim for with their community! Made up of a whole variety of people linked by their love for travel, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll come across new and exciting locations that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.


  1. To get first-hand recommendations on the best things to do


When deciding on where to eat or where to stay, we always tend to look at reviews as there’s nothing better than personal recommendations. It’s the same for choosing our next holiday destinations too!


Instead of spending hours researching different websites for reviews and googling for top things to do and the best restaurants, you can make it so much easier on yourself by just being a part of the Karibu Community. Find everything you need in one place and discover more than just what is recommended as the main tourist things to do. After all, what better adventures to be had than the ones that not many have experienced?


  1. To be a part of a fun and interesting community


The best things in life are so much better when we can share them with others, so what better place to share your travel memories than with a community that wants to listen?


Be a part of the Karibu Community and share until your heart is content! Filled with holiday-goers, travel enthusiasts and the most intrepid explorers, you can be sure that you will inspire people, help them to make their own memories abroad, and maybe even make some friends from all corners of the globe!


  1. To be a WINNER!


You’ll be a winner in our eyes anyway for joining the Karibu Community but you can literally be one too!


To keep things interesting (and to reward you for being awesome!), the founders will be running monthly campaigns for the “Best Photo of the Month Award.” All you have to do is share your amazing pictures from your travel escapades with the community and you could be in with a chance of winning one of the many small prizes.


Karibu Tip: If you have a Karibu Watch, get it in the picture! We’d love to see where #TheTravelWatch has taken you, so share away and tag us so we can follow you on your ventures around the globe.


 Get Involved!

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to be part of an inspirational travel community? Do you want to discover where your Karibu Watch can take you next?

Whether you just want help deciding on your next holiday destination or the ins and outs of the best local things to do, you can find it all here in this amazing community of people - the Karibu Community.


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