The Karibu Dual-Time Feature

The Karibu Watch Features: Dual Time Explained


 As part of sharing Karibu and all of its greatness with you, we want to share with you the key features of the Karibu Travel Watch and why it is perfect for your adventures. 

 First up is one of our main unique selling point’s for Karibu: the Dual Time feature.

  The Dual Time Feature: How Does it Work?

 A dual time zone watch can show you the time in two different time zones simultaneously, which makes these types of watches perfect for the frequent traveller!

 The Dual Time feature on the Karibu Watch works with a standard 12-hour dial, which lets you monitor your home time, together with a separate dual hand (a.k.a the Karibu Blue Hand) that works on a 24-hour clock in the middle of the watch face to tell you the local time. The minutes hand works on both time zones.


 Benefits of Dual Time

So your watch’s inner face can be separately adjusted to a second time zone? What does this mean for you?


 Whether you are flying through time zones frequently or you need to keep track of a family member, friend, or colleague that is, a Dual Time watch makes it super easy to monitor two different time zones at the same time.

 Gone are the days where you have to work out the time difference when communicating with people back home. Now, even when you are halfway around the world, all you have to do is take a quick glance at your dual watch face.

Could this feature be any more convenient?



  As well as making our lives easier when we travel, Dual Time is also an extremely practical feature. Not only does it provide a convenient solution to coping with time zone changes, but it also specifies the time precisely and unambiguously.

On the Karibu Watch, the Karibu Blue Hand works on a 24-hour or military clock on the inner face which is incredibly useful for distinguishing between AM and PM at a glance.


Imagine if you were deep-water diving or caving for a long period of time, or in a country where they have much longer periods of daylight or darkness - how would you grasp the passage of time? In these situations where you can’t use the movement of the sun or amount of light for reference, dual time can shed some (metaphorical) light on the situation for you.




 Dual time provides versatility in two ways, allowing the watch itself to be versatile and by extension the wearer too!

Did you know that you can use 24-hour dials as a compass? If you point the hour hand toward the sun, you can find the North position where the 24-hour mark is. Never will you be lost again, which makes this watch essential for explorers.

The great thing about the Karibu Watch is that it also boasts an elegant British design as well as its dual time Swiss-movement function, so this allows the wearer to be versatile too. Go from intrepid adventurer to business attire to a suave night out and this travel watch will accompany you with ease.

If this isn’t versatility at its finest, we don’t know what is!



 Although not true for many other dual time watches, the Karibu Watch also scores points for affordability without compromising on quality or function!

We think this is incredibly unique, especially when you compare it to other watches on the market, as it makes it accessible to every type of traveller.

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So, what do you think? What feature would you consider to be the most essential for #TheTravelWatch?

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