The origins of 'Karibu'

The Mission

With the aim of inspiring people to travel, we needed a name that reflected our mission; something that could conjure up images of action and adventure, something that could live up to the many incredible experiences that we’ve had around the world and inspire others to go out and get more out of their travels.


 It was with these thoughts heavy on our minds that Karibu was born.


 The Inspiration


 Who better to represent their passion and love for travel than the mighty Caribou? With the Caribou reindeer being the furthest travelling land mammal, travelling a whopping 600 miles a year in one of the world’s great large-animal migrations, there was no deliberating that this animal would be the symbol and inspiration for the company.




If you have read the full founding story in our blog Discover the Karibu Mystery Trip, you will know we get together as often as possible to venture to a surprise destination full of action and adventure, and it was through these exploits that the adventure-ready-yet-sophisticated Karibu watch was born.


So, how does the watch tie in with Karibu and it’s mission we hear you asking? The answer is simple.


As well as it being an awesome product (seriously, check out how the Karibu Travel Watch compares to others that cost $5000+!), the watch IS Karibu. Everything about it symbolises what travel means to us and aims to inspire people to go on wild adventures that perhaps they wouldn’t have gone on before, all because the Karibu will help take them there.


If you don’t believe us, here are some similarities between the Caribou reindeer and the Karibu watch!


They are both durable


 Remember when we said that the Caribou travel more than 600 miles every year? Well, if you’re somehow travelling that much, you can be sure that your Karibu Watch will be by your side every step of the way. The resistant materials of the Karibu timepiece match the ruggedness of the Caribou allowing both to face up to any challenge no matter the environment, be it on Mount Everest in freezing conditions or snorkeling in the Gulf of Thailand your Karibu is more than capable.


They both stand the test of time


The Caribou have been around for thousands of years, surviving two major glaciations when many other animals such as the enormous Wooly Mammoths died out. Why is this? Because they have unique adaptations that make them perfect for a range of conditions and they have the determination to keep driving forward.


With this in mind, this is exactly what we wanted from the Karibu Travel Watch. We wanted to create a high-quality product that could stand clear above the rest and withstand our adventurous lifestyle for many years to come.

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