Versatile, stylish and endlessly practical, The Karibu silicone watch strap is set to withstand the most gruelling of conditions - a windswept climb through a rocky terrain, a sandy trek camelback through a barren desert… or the wildest of all adventures: the daily commute to work.

Thanks to its thermal stability, waterproof feature and lightweight design, the silicone watch strap is fit for excellent performance in cold winter sports or on scorching hot days - easily wiped clean for no residual microbiological nasties (no one likes a sweaty wrist), so you can be all rugged by day and sophisticated at night. 

With sustainability at the heart of our mission, our straps are durable and reliable, so you don’t need to keep replacing them unless you fancy switching up your style that is. Strap in, and get ready for your next great escape.

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