Our Story

Brought together by a love for travel and a desire to explore, the journey of our founders began with a mystery trip. From city breaks to beach breaks and weekends full of adventure, a long-standing tradition was born.

During one trip, the founders realised that nobody wore their watch by day, as it would not support such an active weekend. This led them to striking up an idea for the ultimate travel watch. The solution? Karibu Watches! 

Embarking on a journey to create a watch that was rugged by day and sophisticated by night, the founders set out to create a strong and durable watch that would travel as hard as they did. Armed with a watch that could withstand their active lifestyle, they could then explore the corners of the globe ready for anything and everything.

With a newfound mission to inspire people to travel, you can also be adventure-ready with a Karibu watch to lead the way. 

Where will your KARIBU watch take you? 


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